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If you are interested in sightseeing trips, you should also visit Olympos, the ancient city, Yanartas, also known as Fire Mountain, with perpetual flames burning out on the slopes of the mythological mountain, and the nearest tourist sights: Çıralı, Kas, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya.

If you go further from Karaöz you will find the Papaz İskelesi Bay, an ideal place to spend a day with a picnic amongst the pine trees. To the other side of the Cavus, the shoreline extends to Finike 25 km away, including the peaceful beach at Mavikent. Between Mavikent and Gelidonya, you can see the charming Oturak Bay and it’s shore and beach, famous for being the calmest harbour, even when the sea is stormy. Even if the plane trees at the entrance of the municipality do not attract your attention, you will enter a quite different world when approaching the sea along the Adrasan River. If you climb up through the forest from the either side of the bay, you will see how picturesque the bay is.