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Adrasan’s horseshoe shaped Adrasan bay has a long and vast beach. The sand slopes gently into the sea, making it ideal for swimming. On the north side of the Cavus bay, Eliğ of the Musa Mountains attracts attention with its silhouette resembling a camel and Markis hill is situated at the entrance of the bay. Adrasan became part of the municipality of the Antalyan town of Kumluca in 1996 and the resort is surrounded by pines. The prevailing wind at Adrasan is from the land to sea and thus in years when wind power was dominant, sailing boats couldn’t enter the bay leading them to establish communities in Olympos, Phaselis and other Antalyan harbours.

The name of Adrasan comes from the Greek and the town is also known as Çavus village or Çavus bay. The bay is set beneath the Bey Mountains and is full of interesting and natural features. At the opposite end of the bay, restaurants have tables on wooden platforms built into the shallow Adrasan river, with insatiably hungry ducks swimming around for scraps of food.